Trying to use Lure on TTR


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Name: Alexandra
Nickname: Alex, Tommy (because of my surname) or Astra
Birthday: May 26th
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: What happens happens
Height: 5’1
Fave Colour: Emerald green
What time & date it is there: 22.05pm, 19th October
Average hours of sleep I get a night: 4-8 hours at best
Lucky number: 26
Last thing I googled was: Figure 1 shows a railway engine which is about to couple with a stationary carriage of mass 4.0 × 10^4 kg" (i.e. cheating like a motherfucker on my phys homework)
Most used phrase(s): 'I'm trash', 'effervescent shitstain', 'to quote Hamlet, No'
First word that comes to mind: *~*Astrophysics*~*
What I last said to a family member: "They should really think about making stationary escalators ya’know" (yes ik that was a really stupid thing to say but I didnt sleep last night so…..)
One place that makes me happy: Laramie River Ranch <3
How many blankets I sleep under: 5 or 6 (I hoard blankets omg)
Favourite Fictional character: Don’t really have one
Favourite Beverage(s): Tea, slushies, anything with caffeine in idk

Favourite food?: PIZZA!!!

Last movie I watched in the cinema: Walking on Sunshine

Dream Vacation: American road trip
Dream wedding: I don’t really know 

Dream pet: Any omg I just love animals

Dream job: A performing astrophysicist

I haven&#8217;t contributed to the tag in approximately 15 billion years so here&#8217;s a doodle of melody I did on the back of a physics exam paper


Hey toonblr community I’m kinda new to this(not the game but having a toonblr lol) so hey ^^ plus I need new blogs to follow so if you like this I’ll probably follow you lol

Hiya :’D


i wish i could cuss people out on ttr because believe me i would 


Everyone is talking about wanting to get a Sellbot Cog Crusher Suit, but what if there was a Lawbot Cog Crusher Suit

That feel when no toontown because you have to do 20 pages of mechanics questions instead :&#8221;&#8217;(